My Favorite Things

Originally I had listed my 100+ things, as if it was quantity that mattered. But it doesn't. Not unless those things were so numerous that I couldn't walk inside my space, couldn't open my cupboards, didn't feel comfortable in my home.

While the idea of having less than 100 things sounds grand, the fact that I have more than them shouldn't be something that makes me stress. Because the idea of living a simpler life means that I shouldn't be stressing about the things I have "too many of" just as much as I shouldn't stress over the things I don't have.

So, instead of sharing my 100+ things here, I'm sharing a list of the things I own (and that sort of own me) that I absolutely love.

NOTE: Of course the people and beings in my life take priority over any one of these things. But as I don't consider people or beings "things" I'm not listing them here.

My Favorite Things

(In no particular order.)
  1. The two handmade soup cups my Dad bought for me decades ago. They're beautiful, functional, and meaningful.
  2. Our Nelson bench (a.k.a. coffee table) that we've owned forever. It packs and moves easily. It contains the dings and scratches and marks of our life.
  3. Our Jeff Covey Model 6 stool we've owned for a decade-and-a-half. It doesn't always travel well (we have a story), but it functions in a multitude of ways - from tiny Christmas tree stand, to book shelf, to lamp stand, to end table, and, yes, to a seat.
  4. My Nelson Spindle clock. It's been with us as long as the stool and bench. It has quite a few stories to tell (given how many times we had to have it resent due to damage during shipping). It's an art piece and it always makes me smile. (Especially as I remember those days when we used to hang it in the bedroom and the ticking noise from the second hand used to drive my husband a little bit crazy.
  5. My Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs. They're dinged and scratched, but held with love. They are super comfortable, have always found a use in our various abodes - even if not always for seating. And they were favorite resting spots for our two felines, sisters, who have since passed.
  6. My newly acquired Farmhouse Pottery yellowware mug - a gift from my husband for Valentine's Day. It's so beautiful to look at, it feels wonderful in the hand, and it's a joy to drink out of.
  7. My Pollack desk chair. It was a total splurge, doesn't quite fit with my desk (size-wise). But it is so incredibly comfortable and my back thanks me for it.
  8. Our two Enoki bowls (grey) that we purchased very recently from Humble Ceramics via General Store. They are incredibly beautiful, completely functional, and they make eating out of them feel like a meal to be savored versus one to be rushed.
  9. My Shabby Chic Rose Majesty duvet and pillow cases. They're just so pretty and I love climbing into bed when it's "dressed" with this bedding. (Though due to our kittens it will be a while before that happens again.)
  10. Our newly acquired Farmhouse Pottery dishes, bowls, crockery, and mugs. As with the Enoki bowls they make eating and drinking an experience to enjoy. It makes us appreciate our food more. It makes us appreciate the vessel more - given that they're handmade with care instead of mass produced in a factory overseas with little thought. Each one is different and unique and it makes me happy to open my cupboards to these items.
  11. Our two newly acquired WRF lab mugs. They are simple and beautiful and calming. They make drinking afternoon tea very relaxing.
  12. My Campbell Laird lithographics that we picked up nearly a decade ago. They were the only two pieces we'd hung on our walls until more recently. They're modern and minimal but add just a bit of fun to the walls in our space - though we tend to only hang them when we live in places where the view outside our windows is less than ideal.
I have a number of other things that I've curated/acquired/been given that I love having in my home, that serve a necessary function and are aesthetically pleasing. I also have a few items of a more personal nature that I cherish, that serve absolutely no function besides making me feel loved or reminding me of those that I love.

But in looking around my space right now, it's those items listed above that are my most favorite things - and they are things I have no intention of purging, unless circumstances in my life dictate otherwise. And there are only a handful or two of things that serve a purpose that I don't particularly love.

[And, yes, there are also a number of things that I have that aren't functional or useful that I drag from place to place, that weigh heavily on my mind, that take an emotional toll. These are the things that keep me forever striving for minimal - along with my lack of understanding of self that causes me to continually binge-purge my possessions and leaves me dissatisfied.]

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