My name is Rachel and I have created this blog to help me on my journey toward living a simpler, happier, more fulfilling life. A life that isn't shaped by the stuff I have but by the things I do and the people I meet.

I have spent many, many years accumulating things, being emotionally and financially attached to things, being weighed down by things, having my life dictated by the things I have, the things I want to have, the things I can't have.

I've spent almost as much time wanting to rid myself of the burden of things, the responsibility for things, and the power they have over my life.

I have been striving for minimal for 15 years, not even really knowing what minimal meant for me. I didn't want to live a cold, empty life devoid of things and people. But whenever I looked at pictures of homes that were minimalistic - clutter-free and sparse of possessions - this sense of peace always came over me. And I wanted that peace.

I just couldn't find a way to get it. Until now.

I know there will be setbacks along the way - I do love nice things and I love having the right tool for the job at hand - but I am hoping that in my quest for a simpler life I will be able to move past any mishaps, learn from them, and accept that these things will happen.

I am hoping that I won't forget the meaningful words that have set me on this journey, won't be distracted by the advertisers that hope that I'll fail, and won't fall back on consumerism when life throws a few punches.

I am not looking to go tiny - unless I can convince my guy to move onto a sailboat - as I love having space to move around in. And while 800 s.f. (the size of our current residence) may be more than enough for me, my guy, my cat and all our stuff to exist in, we would be much more content with a few hundred more.

I am not looking to purge for the sake of purging - I need stuff to live, to work, to function.

I am simply seeking to put the emphasis on the things that are actually important. I am striving for minimal stress, minimal worry, minimal burdens, minimal waste, minimal unhappiness.

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