Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Binges and Purges: July 2018

I did quite a bit of decluttering over the month of July - though much of that involved plastic bins and old papers. I gave away a few items on letgo and craigslist, sold a couple of things, and gave a box full of items to family and a box full of books to an avid reader.

And while I feel like I'm nearing the end of decluttering for now, I still have a few things I need to make decisions on in August - including an unused hanging lamp, unused coat "rack," two lithographs, a few baskets that aren't quite sized right, a decorative pillow, a worn-but-loved duvet, a broken tool box, some not-too-comfy shoes, an unused tea ball, those pesky allen wrenches, a novelty ice tray, a couple of mugs, a decorative bowl, an older pair of pants I don't reach for very often, and some newly rendered excessive cat supplies.

The Purges

  • Two decorative wall shelves (sold)
  • Two kitchen towels (gave away to family)
  • Two duvets (gave away to family)
  • Two tote bags (gave away to family)
  • Two handmade bowls (gave away to family)
  • Two handmade mugs (gave away to family)
  • Two champagne glasses (recycled)
  • Two jute baskets (gave away to family)
  • A soap dish (recycled)
  • A desk tray (gave away)
  • A wooden coat "hook" (gave away)
  • A file tote (recycled)
  • All papers contained in the file tote (shredded and discarded)
  • A paper shredder (gave away)
  • Four plastic sweater/shoe bins (gave away)
  • 22 books (gave away)
  • An impulse purchase lamp (sold four days later)
  • Two soft woven baskets (gave away to family)
  • 3 small photo books new/used (gave away to family)
  • A spool of faux rawhide (gave away to family)
  • A hand towel (gave away to family)
  • A destroyed bath towel (recycled)
  • Two small nesting baskets (gave away to family)
  • The S'well bottled purchased for a family member but forgot to give (gave away to family)
  • The Tiffany box holding a pen received as a gift (recycled)
  • A handful of store loyalty cards (shredded)
  • Two unused old Yeti lids (recycled)
  • An unused Coach wristlet (up for sale)
  • An unused bullet journal (in the "donate" pile)
Wow, 66 items? I had no idea. Of course if I counted all the paperwork shredded as individual items vs. one, I'd be in the thousands.

Of course that number wouldn't be nearly as high if I hadn't purchased so many things in July.

The Binges

  • A S'well bottle (meant as a gift, forgot to give and thought about keeping, but finally gave away)
  • An impulse purchase lamp from Article (sold almost immediately as it wasn't right for the space along with a decorative lightbulb that I'd had that wasn't in use)
  • A soft basket from Container Store (gave away as it wasn't right)
  • A lidded water hyacinth basket from Container Store (still have, but don't love so may give away)
  • Two water hyacinth baskets from Container Store to replace plastic bin for sail stuff (love)
  • A lidded handwoven round basket from General Store (will keep but not quite what I had hoped to use it for)
  • Two baskets from McGee & Co (will keep but not quite the size I thought they'd be)
  • A wicker basket from Rejuvenation (using in alternate way as it was too large for the space I intended it for)
  • Two ash baskets from Rejuvenation (using in alternate way as too large to hold my sailing gear as planned)
  • A soft recycled plastic basket from DWR (planned to use for personal paperwork - but shredded all, so may use for my job)
  • A mug from Anthropologie (it was too cute to resist, though will give away eventually)
  • A mug from ABC Home (not as comfortable in the hand as I thought it would be, will likely give to family eventually)
  • A pair of jeans
  • A sleep shirt
17 items. Okay so that wasn't as bad as I thought - I felt like there was so much more. Though that was perhaps because I kept having to buy baskets as none of the ones worked in the way I wanted them too. I feel a little like Goldilocks - this basket is much too large, and this one is much too small, and this one is too soft, and this one is too stiff.

And I still don't have a good solution for storing my computer charge cable and my portable hard drives - the water hyacinth basket was too large, the round ikea baskets purchased in June were too small, the McGee baskets were too large. At least I finally found a decent solution for my sailing gear - though they aren't very sturdy and I have a feeling I might have to buy replacements one day.

Oh and I did try and purchase a better floor lamp - but canceled the order after too long a delay.

Of course I'm not counting things I purchased for the felines - Farmhouse Pottery came out with cat dishes and as they are handmade versus machine made overseas, I had to purchase a few to supplement their USA made stainless steel dishes so that I could get rid of the inferior quality ceramic dishes.

Hopefully, August will be a better month in terms of purchases (as in less purchasing). Though I have a few items I'm considering, including a hopefully right-sized round lidded basket to contain my hard drives and/or charge cable, a lidded storage container from Humble Ceramics to hold my baking soda used as cleaning supplies, a replacement rug from Home Depot made out of cotton for beneath my desk chair instead of the synthetic rug that feels just awful, and a handmade mug that is a bit more comfortable in the hand than the one handmade in Australia from ABC Home.

I suppose as long as I finally make decisions on the previously mentioned items above, it won't cause a bump in numbers of "all the things." And hopefully I'll make smarter (or no) purchases in August so that there won't need to be a binges and purges post in early September.

To be continued...

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