Sunday, July 8, 2018


I hate to admit it, but I'm a huge procrastinator. When it comes to procrastinating, I procrastinate everything from blogging, to reading, to writing, to organizing, to decluttering, to completing my log book, to responding to texts, to going through email, to posting things on craiglist (for sale or for free), to deciding what I want to do with my life.

Sometimes I even procrastinate dusting (my least favorite of household chores).

But after much thought, the main reason I procrastinate is decision fatigue.

I spend so much time thinking about all the things I have to do, making lists, thinking about how I'm going to do those things - and in what order I will do them - that I don't actually get around to doing most of them, if not all of them.

I'm almost six months behind in updating my sailing log book (the print version) and about a year behind in the digital version online. I'm about two months behind on my reading and reviewing pile. And I'm several weeks behind in making decisions about a hanging lamp, hanging coat rack, and two pieces of artwork.

But I've been delaying decisions on some of my keepsakes, "important" papers, digital clutter for years and years. And it weighs quite heavily.

Every time I take a staycation I set these lofty goals of tackling each of these things, but rarely accomplish even one of my goals.

There is always a reason why I can't do X, Y, or Z. There's always a good excuse to procrastinate. There are always so many more things I can do instead - like watching YouTube videos on how best to accomplish some of these things, amalgamating the lists of things I need to do, buying storage solutions for things that need to be kept and organized.

There is always a reason to procrastinate those tough decisions.

But as I creep forward on my journey toward that simpler life I desire, there are fewer and fewer things that need to be accomplished and therefore there are fewer things to procrastinate and there is less decision fatigue.

With fewer things there are less decisions that need to be made about them. With fewer things, there are less things to have to dust. With fewer things there are less excuses to be made to procrastinate.

And with fewer things there are less excuses not to pursue the life I want.

Of course, right now I'm procrastinating by just writing this post.

To be continued...

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