Friday, July 20, 2018

more valuable, less meaningful

As I move forward in my journey toward a simpler, freer and more meaningful life with fewer things, I find myself left with possessions that are more valuable - both to me and price-wise.

Yet, while these things are more important and more expensive, they are also less meaningful to me.

In the past I would find myself fretting about my possessions, worrying about some potential damage, worrying about some actual damage, worrying about their value to others, worrying about any potential resale value, worrying, worrying, worrying.

While the process of getting rid of my things has left me with fewer things to worry about, initially it made me worry even more about the things that remained. I would cling to these items with an intensity that scared me. But thankfully that lasted only a short while.

As time went on I found it easier and easier to part with things, as meaning didn't attach quite as strongly anymore - except for those few items that had no monetary value but had a huge sentimental component.

But furniture, artwork, dishware, kitchenware, clothing and accessories have begun to mean less and less to me. I still enjoy nice things, things of quality, things I consider valuable and aesthetically pleasing. But I don't obsess over them the way I used to.

If something were to break I might bemoan the fact that I'd have to go out and replace it. But if my cats leave scratches in the wood surfaces of my tables, desks, benches, if movers chip, bang, dent, scratch my name-brand items that come with their very own certificates of authenticity, I am not going to fret over it the way I would have in the past.

These things mean something to me in the sense that I enjoy having them and they serve a purpose, but they are not so meaningful so as to cause me stress, make me angry, make me and my family tiptoe around them like they are museum pieces.

And while I am so very glad I've come to realize this now, I do wish I discovered this years ago and not wasted so much time worrying about stuff.

To be continued...

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