Thursday, July 5, 2018

More room, more stuff

Our move resulted in many more last minute purges - kitchen towels, trash can, bits and bobs - and a few purges post-move - a painting, bath hooks, storage totes, towels and linens, bowls and mugs, an over-sized Swiffer, wall shelves, a wall hook, a broken vacuum, et cetera. But it also resulted in quite a few binges... and the desire to make a list of other "must haves."

Moving back into a larger space made sense. Not having our bedroom and our living room serve double-duty as office spaces was (and is) a must. Having room to maneuver around our bed and in our main living area adds tremendous value. But the extra space resulted in more than a few purchases.

While there were many things we knew we'd need - replacements for items such as a vacuum, shower curtain liner, trash can, cat litter box and mat, cat furniture, area rugs in the kitchen and living room, cleaning tools and supplies; some additional pieces for the bedroom and kitchen and office due to the new configuration of space - and there were a few things we wanted to purchase for our new space, we didn't quite anticipate how many things we'd "need" in order for our space to function in the way we wanted it to.

More closets required more hangers - as we couldn't easily "share" hangers for closets in far-off rooms. More closets also meant more storage containers as we were no longer sharing closets for our non-clothing items. Having a shower separate from our tub required an additional bath mat. And the desire not to put quite as many holes in the wall meant many, many, many command products - hooks, picture hangers, etc.

With things spread out more, we needed more surge protectors for our electronics. With more space in the kitchen we "needed" a bit larger over-the-sink dish drainer for our hand-washables. With a second bathroom, we required an additional bathroom trash can, additional cleaning products, additional hygiene products, additional linens. Plus, with more rooms, our felines required more furniture of their own to feel comfortable.

And it all started to feel a bit overwhelming as the shipments came in and the charges on the credit card required scrolling just to view.

Looking around our space it feels like we have far less than we used to, but I know we have much more.

We have a new entryway shelf, a new TV stand in the bedroom that allows us use the old cabinet for our office equipment as it was originally intended, a new "temporary" TV stand we used for a month before the new one arrived but is now being repurposed to hold various technology in the office, a new shelving unit in the bedroom to hold items that we used to place on wall-mounted shelves and had tucked into cupboards, the new nightstand my husband was in dire need of though it makes the small stool we have had for over a decade rather useless at the moment, a new patio chair so we both can enjoy our outdoor space, and a new bar/counter stool so that we both can sit at the island should we wish to. And we have more bins and drawer dividers than before.

While I no longer have an emotional connection to these kinds of things (thankfully as the movers damaged more than 50% of what few items we actually had them move), they do stress me out because I have to clean them or clean around or under them. And when we move again I'll have to port them to the next place.

And while we use all these new things on a daily basis, and our home doesn't look or feel crowded, and our cupboards aren't even close to capacity, my head space feels very cluttered and I feel very much like I've taken a huge step back in my progress toward living simply.

Perhaps I just need some time to reflect, to shut down the voice that says "I need..." and to stop buying things for a while once these final few shipments come in.

To be continued...

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