Thursday, July 19, 2018

Minimalist decor

It's not easy to draw a clear line between need and want when it comes to minimalist decor. I've looked at many spaces that to me seem quite minimalist in terms of decor, and yet they've contained pieces that for me wouldn't be considered need items.

For many, items like a sofa, a bed, or even a table and chairs would be necessities. Others might consider those unnecessary. Some might need accessory pillows on their sofa or on their bed, where others might think them too abundant to be minimal.

Is a lamp necessary only if there are no overhead lights? Is a piece of artwork a must if bare, stark walls leave one feeling glum?

Just because something "sparks joy" doesn't make it a need. And yet we surround ourselves with things we love and still want to be seen as living minimally.

In my home I have many pieces of furniture - most all of which serve a need for me and my family - that get used pretty much every single day. I have a few accessory items - sofa pillows, lamps, storage baskets, ceramic containers, place mats - that also have a specific function and fill a "need." And I have a couple of art pieces and several wall clocks that only serve to add color to an otherwise blank wall space... and maybe tell me the time.

While I might have (mostly) achieved the "minimalist" amount of decor that would allow me to function as I "need" to and live as comfortably as I (and my family) would like to, I cannot look around my space and say that it is anything remotely resembling minimal.

So perhaps instead I should think of my decor as functionally minimal?

To be continued...

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