Monday, July 9, 2018

having more than enough

After all this time of assessing and reassessing my needs, I still haven't quite figured out how much stuff is enough. And while I have reduced the things in my cupboards somewhat drastically, I still feel as if what is left is more than enough.

I don't want there to be too few items in my cupboards, but I also don't want there to be too many.

I will never be the girl that has just one spoon and one bowl. But these days having four dinner plates, four small plates, two soup bowls, two salad bowls, four cereal bowls and two fruit bowls seems excessive.

I use most of these items on a daily basis, because I rotate them. But I don't find myself using four of any item at once. And as I hand wash all my dishes after each meal (mostly), I only ever use two, or possibly three plates or bowls before they get washed and put back into my cupboard.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos where minimalists let their household items serve double-duty. But I don't know that I'd be happy using a big plate when a small plate would suffice, or eating a small bowl of oatmeal out of a large bowl.

For my household, "enough" might amount to two large plates, two small plates, two small cereal bowls (instead of the four of each we currently have). Having two of everything would likely be enough. Most of the time.

Because, while we rarely entertain or have people over, I imagine that on occasion we might. And I would hate to be in a situation where we didn't have enough, or have to serve food to our guests on disposable dishware.

I also think I have more than enough when it comes to specialty items like wooden spoons, measuring spoons and cups, and the like. I rarely open this drawer packed full with cooking tools and utensils

I haven't even used the can opener, tea ball, spare ceramic knife, or two extra placemats. And yet I don't want to find myself without any of these items should the need arise. Because I don't know of another item that can easily open a can but a can opener. And if I found myself in possession of some looseleaf tea, I would need a way to steep it.

But I despise having "just in case" items. Even if that "case" is one that's a very real possibility versus a pipe dream.

Of course, on the opposite side of things, I am also trying to remind myself of the fact that I have more than enough. Because our new space is much larger, with more drawers and cabinets, and some of them are very sparsely filled - with just one or two items - and some of them are completely empty. Which sometimes leaves me with the feeling that they need to be filled... or if not filled, have at least one thing in them.

Twisted, right?

Maybe I should learn to appreciate "empty" a bit more. Or maybe I just add a little note to self in each empty cupboard and drawer that reminds that "empty" is a good thing. Even if it means the guest bathroom looks strangely vacant. Even if a particular wall looks especially lonely without something bringing it to life.

Maybe I should spend more time thinking about the fact that as it stands I have more than enough to live comfortably and happily and that I love most of the things I have and that if I acquired more I just might not love everything quite as much.

To be continued...

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