Thursday, March 8, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 8

The eighth day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game is bit of a hodge-podge purge-wise. Though I've tried to keep it to similar-ish things.

As the game/challenge progresses, however, I have a feeling it will get harder and harder to find items that are alike in any way, so the piles will become more random. And it's very like the stuff being discarded/donated/sold will be less meaningful/valuable vs. more meaningful.

For today...

Day 8

In the heap of linens (left to right) is a bath mat from DWR that I never loved and had long since replaced with ones that feel great underfoot. It will be finding a home with a family member. Beneath that is a very much loved fitted sheet from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic that got destroyed (in just a week) from our kittens - too many tears and holes to sew (I tried). Next is a ratty, well-used microfiber cloth that no longer picks up dust like it should. Hidden beneath that is a bra with a recently broken strap. And on the right are four kitchen towels from Williams-Sonoma that I loved for a few years, but replaced with new towels about six months ago that left less lint behind yet never gave away or discarded. (They are being used as packing material/cushioning for the box being sent to a family member who may or may not keep them for their kitchen or repurpose them as cleaning rags.)

The problem with purging...

As I purge and empty spaces start to appear I get excited for the emptiness. But I also start to think about what things I might want to purge in order to replace them with nicer things, or more sustainable things.

This "modern" minimalism concept seems to be all about surrounding yourself with things that are useful and/or beautiful. So this desire to acquire things that serve both functions holds great appeal. And while this concept as it applies to my possessions might not mean I'll be increasing my possessions, it certainly isn't helping to reduce them.

It also feels like yet another way to "cheat" the game - dispose of 10 items for Day 10, but acquire 10 more better/nicer/more beautiful items to replace those 10 items going away. No one ever really talks about how much they've acquired during their 30-Day Game vlogs.

Since starting this game I've acquired:

  • 2 new fitted sheets (one to replace the one discarded for the game today, and one to replace the one the kittens destroyed last week pre-game). Both sheets were needed as we had zero after their destructive claws. But this game purged item hasn't caused my number of things to go down. [Net zero]
  • 2 new duvet covers. While our existing duvets had not been destroyed, they are loved and were expensive, so we purchased two less expensive and more durable ones until the kittens get older and less destructive. [Plus two]
  • 1 new container to hold our duvets. Because we now had two duvets that used to get cycled onto our beds that were just going to be storage for a while, we needed something to store them in. [Plus one]
And I know for future days of this game (spoiler alert) I plan on swapping out our existing hangers (which we've had for a decade, if not more) for more sustainable, slimmer, better quality hangers. So those will net zero as well in the reduction of items count.

Still hopeful...

I am still quite hopeful that this challenge will result in many, many fewer possessions - especially those that don't have meaning and/or function in my life. And will hopefully make our move next month that much simpler and more stress-free.

To be continued...

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