Monday, March 5, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 5

Well, it's the fifth day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game and it's still pretty easy. Especially since today's purge is a no-brainer and one of the things that every minimalism video or book discusses getting rid of.

So the day wasn't much of a challenge. I guess I'm glad there will be a few of those, as I know down the road a week or two I'll be looking frantically around my small space, wondering if there are any Q-Tips that I might not be using before I move.

My only real drawback during this process is that I am also acquiring things, so at the month's end, I won't be down 465 items, as I'll have acquired at least twenty or thirty things in that time. (Or more, if we're counting everyday necessities - and I should given that some of the game participants that I've watched have purged pencils, makeup, thumbtacks, paperclips, pens - and since I plan on doing something similar in the later days of the challenge.) Though I will only be purchasing things that will be used often, used "in full," or used and loved (like the someday-to-be-delivered nightstand for my husband).

But for today...

Day 5

I always have grand plans for magazines, but never have enough time to read them as I want to. So I am purging these five not-read-in-full magazines, though I did skim them and check out the few of-interest articles I couldn't resist taking the time to read.

Perhaps this is the way I should approach all magazines - at least until my subscriptions lapse - do a quick glance through, appreciate certain pictures, and take the time to read only what I most value in the moment. Maybe this will prevent any future pile ups. Hmm. Food for thought. Especially as it will avoid any guilt I might have for not reading them or for purging them without giving them the proper attention I thought they deserved.

[I will recycle these as I don't have someone nearby enough that will enjoy them, they contain my personal information which would require defacing them so I don't want to craigslist them, and don't want to foist my discards onto someone who doesn't have a need for them.]

Easy day, this Day 5. Still thinking ahead to the woes of the eighth day. I so wish digital clutter counted.

To be continued...

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