Sunday, March 4, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 4

Even though it's only the fourth day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game, of course I'm already thinking ahead to days five, six, seven and eight, and worrying (slightly) about what will happen at the end of the month when each day demands a multitude of items in the purge pile.

I'm trying to think about what items match the exact count of a specific day of a challenge so I can "slot" them into that particular day. Or whether lids can count as separate items to containers I have.

And it's taking up far too much angst and energy - something the game is probably not intended to do. I have a feeling The Minimalists were trying to make something stressful (parting with possessions) fun and not making it possibly more stressful (and less simple) than it would be if one were to just go through their things.

I don't think doing this with a friend would have helped, given that it might have triggered something competitive in my nature. And while I don't mind if a friend does a better job than I do, I don't like losing, and so would toss things that were meaningful just so that I wouldn't "fail" the game.

But for now, all is somewhat well, though I know exactly what I'm going to get rid of tomorrow, the next day and the day after that. It's day eight that's posing a problem unless I split some of those purge items until day nine. We shall see.

What I like about this challenge is the structure and the fact that it drives me to succeed. So at the end I will have accomplished something and will hopefully have "won" the challenge and will feel successful at doing something so proactive.

For now, though, I'm only on...

Day 4

I had wanted these iittala Kartio tumblers forever - not necessarily the color, but the glasses themselves. And when I had a gift certificate to Amazon I decided to get rid of the 24 Angela Adams glasses I had (too many) and reduce to having just these four. But the moment the arrived I had doubts. My tastes for kitchenware had changed from modern to something more homey. Yet I tossed the packaging and so couldn't return them and regretted that decision ever since. So off they go. [Again, I'll likely see if a family member is interested and/or craigslist them - though I think my family would appreciate them.]

So that's day four. A pretty easy decision. Especially since I found a set of beautiful, handblown, clean and simple glasses that are as functional as they are beautiful - though only sold in a set of six - that we have been using and loving for the past month.

To be continued...