Friday, March 30, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 30 + The End

So it's the last day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game and I'm completely fried. But only partly to do with the challenge. Mostly it's been other obligations that kept me up most of the night, and so I didn't get the chance to take any pictures of the planned purges. And I didn't get the chance to go through the photo albums.

Though I did manage to take a couple pictures of some of the items that actually did leave my home today. (It was now or never.)

So I may update this post with the soon-to-be purged item pictures once I actually send them "packing" for the move, along with...
  • 4 fridge magnets that hold our keys
  • 2 grey containers with bamboo lids that "hid" things beneath our kitchen sink but now simply serve as a place to set our unused garbage bags
  • several more cleaning rags and implements
  • our cutlery tray that had to be disfigured to be put into our very, very narrow drawer
  • a few rubber shelf "liners" that didn't work to stop everything from slipping,
  • possibly a few more cables and wires (though I'll likely let my husband store those for just in case) and our two phone stand charges that won't be needed in the new space
  • and perhaps a few more unloved cat toys
But for today...

Day 30

Today I purged:
  • 7 books (give away)
  • 1 coffee scoop (recycle)
  • 1 bottle opener/key chain (recycle)
The other 21 (+2 extras) are items I will be getting rid of (purging, recycling, donating, giving away) next week along with all the items listed at the top of the post.

And yet I definitely feel like there will be more. Like when I finally find a second to tackle the photo album project, go through my decorative storage boxes and bins, have a second to breathe and take stock of what I actually need post-move.

The end...

I am a little sad to have reached the end of the game as I hope I'll never have to play it again - I don't want to have nearly 500 things to purge (unless it's a box of staples).

And I hope that in the next year or two I will no longer be striving for minimal but will have attained my minimal by then.

To be continued...

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