Thursday, March 29, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 29 + Binges

It's the second-to-last day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game and I'm so thrilled it's almost over and that this month is almost over. March is always such a long month as it is, but with the anticipation of a move in my future, it's that much lengthier. Even with the fact that participating in this "challenge" has made things move along a little bit quicker.

Even though today's 29 picks were quite easy.

Day 29

For today:
  • 29 FLOR brand carpet tiles are on the purge pile.
We have four FLOR area rugs - in our kitchen, in our living room, and two in our bedroom. All in they are comprised of a total of 29 carpet tiles from FLOR.

As we need a much larger runner in our new kitchen, we don't need any rugs in the bedroom, and we will need a larger rug in our living room, we have no need of these four rugs.

Thankfully FLOR will allow us to ship these tiles back to them to be recycled into new rugs (and they'll foot the shipping bill). So we bought two boxes which should fit all 29, and plan on sending them off to FLOR in a week or so.

So that was an easy 29. And if I don't get the chance to go through my photo albums early tomorrow morning, I am likely going to have a very hard time coming up with the remainder of the 30 items I need to purge.

The problem with purges is that they are often accompanied by binges.

And during this purge I have had a few binge-y moments in addition to the must acquire items needed for the move.

While I don't have pics, here are the binge purchases I made during this challenge - that I am using and will use - but that I didn't absolutely have to buy:
  • Glass straws, cleaning brush, carrying case and a ball jar to hold them. Love the idea of the glass straws, but didn't absolutely need them - I can drink without any straws if I want to help the environment.
  • Wooden measuring cups. I got rid of the toxic ones, but as I rarely measure things and my husband has some plastic ones he uses for his cereal, I could have probably used them instead of getting some of my own.
  • Tote bags. I bought a couple of tote bags that I could stuff in my purse and use if I needed an emergency shopping bag, as they fold up so small. But as we are moving away from shops that I might need to hand carry things for a distance, I probably could have gotten by without any.
  • An 8 inch fry pan. I wanted one for ages, even though I haven't been cooking much lately. I had a coupon and it was on sale so I couldn't resist. But I could have. And probably should have.
  • Two "right-sized" bowls. We have two bowls already that are the "right size" for what we need as long as I hand wash them every night. But of course I decided to get two more in a different style that I thought were lovely "just in case" I felt like letting the dishwasher do the work for me in our new home. But I don't really need them.
  • Hangers. I didn't absolutely need new hangers, but I wanted them. I was just so tired of the pink, bright pink, purple and white hangers we had. I wanted something a bit more sophisticated, more space-saving. But I didn't absolutely need them.
And while I feel that many of the non-binge purchases I made for this move feel a bit splurge-y, they are either absolutely necessary, or wanted by both myself and my husband for our new space. So I'm only choosing to feel slightly guilty about the binge purges.

To be continued...

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