Wednesday, March 28, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 28 + Guilt

Just three more days to go and I'm so stoked that this 28th day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game is done. Because Day 29 is easy - I have the perfect amount of one thing to recycle - and that just leaves Day 30. Oh Day 30... But that is another day.

Day 28

For today's challenge day, I have all sorts of odd stuff I'm purging - some will be going on their way today, some in two weeks when I move:
  • 12 shower curtain rings (recycle on move-out day)
  • 1 shower curtain liner (recycle on move-out day)
  • 1 plastic spray bottle (recycled)
  • 2 grout scrubbers (recycle on move-out day)
  • 1 sink scrubber (recycled)
  • 1 sofa pillow (discarded)
  • 1 plunger (recycled)
  • 1 toilet bowl cleaner wand + 1 toilet bowl cleaner caddy (recycle on move-out day)
  • 1 plastic cereal container (recycled)
  • 1 dental item + container (recycled)
  • 2 light bulbs, 2 light bulb converters, 1 power plug (give away or sell)
So that's 28. Yay! Though I wish I was moving out today so I could get rid of all of this stuff and not just some of it.

The curtain rings are rusting - we're getting new ones when we move. The shower curtain liner has not held up well either, so out it goes.

The cleaning supplies are ones we won't be replacing when we move - we'll be getting more eco-friendly products/items.

The pillow is being replaced as the feathers (which are super sharp) just won't stay in the pillow insert and end up everywhere. (Problems with cheap pillows.)

The cereal container is going to be replaced with a glass container - the plastic on this one, like the one we previously purged, is getting all chewed up and we don't want to eat bits of plastic. Yuck.

The dental item is no longer needed so I'm bringing it back to the dentist to recycle.

And the power plug with two Edison bulbs and two bulb to socket converters are either going to be given away to a family member or sold if they don't want them. I had grand plans for this to light our dark laundry closet that didn't have lighting, but I never found a way to wall mount it, the Edison bulbs got super hot so I didn't feel like it was safe, and then we got the kittens and I knew it wouldn't be. So it's never been used and as it's fairly expensive I'm looking for a good home for the bunch.

Ahhh guilt.

As this challenge has progressed I've started to feel guilty about all that I've accumulated and all that I'm sending out into the world in the way of trash, recyclable materials, and wanted and unwanted "gifts."

Sure I've had a few twinges when it comes to the amount of money I spent on these items, but I've had not nearly as much guilty feelings about the money as I have about the waste, about cluttering up someone else's home, about the impact I have had and continue to have on the planet.

I have not given much thought to the landfills I've been filling, or to the homes I've been crowding until recently. And when my purges were done in fits of anger, bouts of frustration, or in little "doses," the impact didn't dawn on me in quite the same way.

But as I head to the post office or UPS or FedEx each weekend, as I head to the trash room to sort out the recyclables or discardables, as I drive to the eCycling facility, as I head to the Container Store to buy another shipping box, I feel bad. I feel guilty.

The one bright spot is that I am learning a lot about sustainability. I am becoming more conscious of my waste and I'm trying to find solutions that won't be wasteful or harmful. I'm trying to reuse, buy local, buy handmade. I'm looking for sellers who think about the environment, I'm trying to take up less space and use less things, which helps alleviate some of this guilt.

But not all.

I just hope with our next move I won't need to go through my possessions in search of things to purge in large doses, aside from paper clutter. I hope I won't ever need to do this 30-day game again. And I hope I'll have learned to shop smarter, so that my things will be not only durable but be "want-able" for years to come. I'm keeping fingers crossed.

To be continued...

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