Tuesday, March 27, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 27

Today's purges for the 27th day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game are being shared a bit later than planned. But I had absolutely no time today to go through my things. I'm just glad I found a few minutes to snap a pic of (hopefully) 27 things I'm saying goodbye to.

Day 27

Because things were a bit rushed I have added three items to the list today that I won't be purging until we move, though I'd only planned on listing those later purges on days 28 through 30. I just had no time to go through all my things for three items I could purge tonight. And those three items are also not shown in the pic as I didn't get the chance to grab one in time to add them to the collage. But here are my 27 items:
  • 18 articles/reference docs/materials on sailing and racing (recycling).
  • 1 sail bag that is just too small to fit all the things I need (giving away).
  • 1 scale - we had two and don't need them both (giving away).
  • 1 pair of worn and torn sailing shoes (discard) + 1 plastic storage bin that contained them (recycling),
  • 1 length of throwing line (giving away).
  • 1 doormat (recycling).
  • 1 cat litter mat (not shown).
  • 1 cat litter box + lid (not shown).
  • 1 cat litter scoop (not shown).
So that's 27. It was fairly easy as I'd read and/or scanned in all 18 reference docs/materials, and the rest were things I was ready to part with. We also get new litter boxes and accessories when we move - and we already have a spare scoop, so that is taken care of.  And the doormat is just so scuzzy as it's outside in the hallway, that there was no way we were bringing it to our new abode.

Hopefully Day 28 won't be too difficult. While I have a few "future purge" items on tomorrow's list, I had hoped to fill the rest with immediate purges. So I'll need to come up with a few more (try 22) items to let go of - time-permitting it will be photo albums. But we shall see.

To be continued... 

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