Saturday, March 24, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 24

Welcome to day 24 of my version of the 30-Day Minimalism Game. And it seems at this point in the game I've lost my ability to count. I was all set to post and realized that I was five items short. So I had to track down those wayward five and add them to the pic.

As everything is so random, it's no wonder my count was off...

Day 24

Today I purged:

  • Two cat toy balls that were unsafe for the kittens as they already started to chew the foam off the one ball and unravel the sparkly string from the other (discarded)
  • A rubber finger puppet intended for a gift until one of the kittens found him and bit off the hand. (As the original recipient thought it would be hilarious to have a single-handed finger puppet I will be sending that along.)
  • Two half-used packs of seasonal stamps. Every time the holidays roll around I buy another book of stamps and never go back to the old. This is two year's worth so I'm giving them to someone who will actually use them.
  • One more plastic hanger I get to give away now that my husband has gotten rid of another unused piece of clothing.
  • A book I just finished reading and reviewing so I'm going to pass it along.
  • Two kitchen utensils that have been used for quite a few years and are a bit past their prime. The tongs don't open quite right and were always impossible to clean. The pasta fork is quite scratched and did not work well with my pasta pots since it would scratch them. The tongs won't be replaced right now as we haven't used them in some time, but the pasta fork is being replaced with one with silicone ends that won't damage my cookware.
  • Two Shabby Chic pillowcases that I have had forever and loved but never once put on the bed. They're very fragile so I can't use them with the kittens, the material isn't very soft and doesn't feel cool against the head, so I'm finally passing them along to a family member who will use them for decorative pillows (of which we have none).
  • A water bottle I purchased which turned out to be a very realistic looking forgery. Amazon let me keep it to do with what I will, but I've no plans to keep it, have contacted the authentic manufacturer and am sending them the bottle so they can hopefully catch the forger.
  • An unused insert for a K-cup coffee machine and an unused strainer for the insert. We had purchased an extra (they came in two packs) back when we had a K-cup coffee maker, but haven't had one in over two years. Apparently it was hiding behind my husband's AeroPress. So I'm going to donate these to my office who use the K-cup machine but sometimes like ground coffee.
  • Seven rubber inserts for the phone charger stands we use. We don't use them for any of the devices we have (though I think one is actually on the stand that I can remove as it doesn't assist in keeping the devices securely in place). They've been sitting in our tech drawer "just in case." And even if we do give away the stands one of these days, it's not worth holding onto these rubber pieces that I'll have to wash and pack when we move. (I'm hoping they're recyclable.)
  • Two plastic food storage containers - both of which are recyclable. The cereal container is all roughed up inside (darn those grape nuts) and has become discolored from years of use and the dishwasher. We have another, newer one, which holds our cereal (for now). But we haven't used this one in months - if not longer - and if I do end up needing another, I'm going to opt for glass. The sugar container is starting to lose its ability to seal after years of use. It was also just a bit too small to house a box worth of sugar - mostly due to the amount of space the lid took up. I've just purchased a hand-turned mason jar with a wooden/metal lid that seals, and it's the perfect size.
  • One magazine that came in, I've perused, and am sending on its way instead of letting it sit in the pile of "things to read."
So, I think that's 24... Phew. Not easy today. As I already have tomorrow's purge planned, it will be a much, much easier Sunday... though I may end up jumping ahead and tackling Monday's purge then. We shall see.

To be continued...

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