Friday, March 23, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 23 + Decision Fatigue

It's now the 23rd day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game and with just seven more days and "just" 189 items left to purge I kind of can't believe how quick the month has gone. With all my griping yesterday, another positive about this game is how much focus it's taking away from the stress of actually moving.

Usually by now I'm trying to pack things up and get ready to go. But due to the fact that we are in such a small space there's nowhere to put the things I pack and because I no longer use boxes to pack up the things I have - we own three large and one medium storage bins that we have used and will use again this time to move our non-furniture possessions - I have a lot of time on my hands to potentially stress.

But because of the stress and focus I'm channeling into this game, I haven't had much energy left to worry about the fact that I have nothing packed and ready to go (I have very strict sanitation/cleaning requirements before moving any possessions), we haven't actually received the official green light to move into our next space (no signed agreement/paperwork), and I will be leaving a home we lived in during a time when there has been a lot of change and loss.

So, I change my opinion just one day later - I think this game has actually been good for me. And so for today...

Day 23

I've manged to get rid of:
  • 14 articles I set aside to read "someday" - I read a few I recycled the rest.
  • 1 spatula - giving away (the nylon spatulas don't hold up well for us yet I kept buying them, so I'm trying out a different type of material).
  • 2 bottles of sealant and 1 applicator (unused) - giving away. Had planned on sealing up all the crevices in our current space to prevent pesties but never got around to it - and the areas I wanted to close up just in case I did with a product I could apply by hand.
  • 3 thank you cards, 1 gratitude card and 1 instruction/care manual - recycle, I don't need to keep any of these and have no idea why I kept them all for as long as I have. (I usually get rid of these type of things fairly quickly.)
So that's 23. And it wasn't too hard to part with any of these things - though I wished I'd kept the receipt on the tools so that I could have returned them. But someone will definitely have a use for them.

Decision fatigue...

I've used a lot of brain cycles going over and over my possessions wondering what I could toss, what I wanted to keep, what I think I might want to toss, what I might want to look through to think about whether there was something I wanted to toss. And while I've done a lot of this for this game, this is actually something I've been doing on and off again for the last decade or so.

And it's exhausting. And such a waste of energies and thoughts that could be used toward things more productive or positive or happy-making.

I've only recently heard the term decision fatigue, and I definitely think this term applies to my every day. Which is part of the reason I played this game - I just want to be done with this cycle of thinking about my things (or at least my conscious brain thinks it wants to be done with this).

I want my energies spent on making decisions that matter, decisions that are important to my life. I don't want to reach a state of decision fatigue that renders me useless to make the real decisions, the tough decisions, the decisions that affect my present and my future. Not anymore.

I've spent too many years thinking about my stuff, and it's just stuff. Unimportant in the scheme of things. If I use it and enjoy it and it gets destructed - so what? If I lose it or it gets taken - so what?

I've known what matters most to me for many years, yet I still have an unhealthy obsession with thinking about my stuff, making decisions about my stuff, and leaving no brain "energy" left to make the "healthy" decisions.

I'm ready for the change.

To be continued...

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