Thursday, March 22, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 22 + Challenge Woes and Where Things Stand

I'm still here and it's the 22nd day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game. Although I think the only reason I'm still "playing" is that I have this obsessive need to complete a task that I've started. Because I don't have very many purge-able things left, even if I get rid of photo albums - unless I dispose of photos.

But I did go through my tote of paperwork that needs sorting and have found a few things that I can use to count for today (and tomorrow's) game.

Day 22

While it may be tough to count there are 22 pretty recipe and gratitude cards in the pile that I'm recycling and/or giving away.

They were all just so pretty that I knew I wanted to give the duplicate recipe cards away, but I just couldn't find the time earlier. But with this challenge I've decided to give all the cards away after taking photos of the recipes I may make "one day" and get rid of the gratitude cards even though they are lovely. I have the pottery and use these items every day, the cards are just very lovely clutter. Especially for someone who rarely bakes - even if the fantasy version of myself does so all the time.

Challenge woes and where things stand...

But I have only one tote of unsorted papers - and I tossed all receipts and other non-essentials that I am not counting for the game. I have a few things to think on and a few more things to declutter, but once I'm done with that, I have very little left to purge, and 105 items (for days 24, 26, 27, 28) to find.

And I'm so stressed out.

Which makes me think that maybe this game isn't the best game for me as it's more stressful than motivational, and it's not so much simplifying my life as complicating it.

Because I spend a large amount of time wondering what else can I get rid of, looking through my cupboards and closets, and drawers. But there is very little that is mine or just mine and I won't even think of counting anything we get rid of that belongs to my husband as I know it will make me start to look at his things and want to purge them. Which is a huge no no. This is not his game. This is not his journey. And he doesn't have any issues with his stuff and readily discards things when they get too clutter-y for him.

So I find myself taking longer look at things that I might have been okay with as they were. And I've purged items that I don't like or aren't in great shape but do need, so will end up buying again - hangers, food storage containers, and a few (but not all) of the kitchen utensils I've let go of.

And so I feel like I'm consuming more in order to become the minimalist I want to be. Which doesn't quite translate. So I'll have to think on that a bit further.

But as far as my things go...

I've gone through my entire kitchen, and only have my toolbox left to sort through - though most of the tools in there are ones I use on the occasions I need to use them (I think). And while I may have one or two items in my kitchen I might want to part with (one of which I'd eventually want to replace), there is little else.

My living room has always had next to nothing. Only the cabinet beneath the TV which houses a few decorative storage boxes with keepsakes remains. But as many of those things are "shared" items, I don't know that I'll have a lot to get rid of. (I'd already gone through one box and emptied it a few days back.)

My bathroom has (mostly) only what we need - aside from a few things that I might be able to get rid of... but unless I can find a responsible way of decluttering them, I may hold onto them until we use them (which we will soon-ish/eventually).

There is nothing but the four file totes containing photo albums, scrapbooks and important papers in my closet that I could purge. And I'm going to try to go through those this weekend and make a decision once and for all... which may require the small purchase of an archival box or two to keep whatever photos remain. (Yet another instance of buying to have less.)

I have nothing in the bedroom - any clutter there belongs to my husband. I just have what I need to sleep on, sleep with, function with (reading light, clock). And a few pieces of artwork on the walls that I love.

In the hall closet I've gone through everything and while I don't use anything in there (but shoes) on a daily basis, I do need everything that remains for my weekend hobby - sailing. Though I do plan to purge a pair or two of sailing shoes and some other gear at the end of the month and/or before the move, as they are worn out and do need replacing.

And I do have a small-ish stack of books - a couple that I'll be reading this month and can part with, but most won't be read and passed along until April and May, so I can't count those.

We are eating our way through the pantry and I think I've found anything that needed to be purged/recycled storage container-wise.

And I went through my small outside storage closet prior to the challenge and emptied the containers of everything that was mine aside from a signed baseball and my diploma.

But I do have sixty or so items that I have earmarked for the last two days of the game that will be getting recycled and/or purged when we moved two weeks later. We just need them until then. But I'm counting them!

I suppose I just wish I didn't have a huge clean up a week or so prior to the game. Or maybe that I chose a game that was one of those "ten things a day" challenges.

Or maybe what I really wish is that I wasn't quite so obsessive and instead of struggling to complete the game I could end the game early, happy with all that I'd gotten rid of.

To be continued...

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