Wednesday, March 21, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 21

Can't believe I've reached the 21st day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game. While I have some things in mind for days 25, 29, and 30, I have absolutely no idea what I'll be getting rid of on days 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28. That's a LOT of stuff. Like a lot of stuff. So I'm currently having major fears of failing.

Though I haven't looked through my toolbox or the grab-and-go drawer for cables. And I haven't looked through all my storage keepsake boxes - because maybe there are a few things in those that I should part with.

Bur for today...

Day 21

Today I've managed to get rid of:

  • A coaster I've had since the 1990s that I haven't used as a drink coaster since the early 2000s when I began using it as a place to set the matches down when lighting the memorial candles I got rid of the other day. It only has sad memories and it has a burn mark on it now so I'm letting it go.
  • Two membership key fobs that aren't needed as the merchant has my information electronically.
  • Three pieces to an old mop head for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop. I'd saved them in case they were needed to attach the replacement head, but it seems the replacement head included these things, so off they go.
  • I'm saying goodbye to a trucker's cap that just doesn't fit my head right, a plastic container that we used to use for tea, and the book goodbye things that I've read and am passing along to a family member (as the cats used it as a chew toy so I can't donate it to a library). And, yes, I would have purchased the eBook if someone on YouTube hadn't raved about the pictures. But as they weren't germane to the read, I could have made due with the electronic version.
  • A tiny photo album that held random photos that didn't have a place in the many larger photo albums I have. I took the photos out (for now) and while some are either keepers or can be sent to a family member, some are ones I really should destroy. (All have been scanned in electronically years and years ago.)
  • A bottle of gentle detergent for the goose down sleeping bag that I used to own that I gave away just prior to this month's game. The bottle is almost empty, and I should have passed it along with the sleeping bag.
  • A great, but old and now rusty, can opener that we have replaced with one not rusty and that also leaves a soft edge.
  • A rubber spatula purchased before silicone was all the rage. The edges are all chewed/melted, so it's time to let this one go. And, for now, I won't be replacing it with any tool, but if the need arises, it will be a long-lasting silicone spatula that takes its place.
  • An unused set of measuring cups and spoons I purchased a few months back that I didn't use for the purpose planned because I had thought about returning it since I hadn't realized it had the spoons in addition to the cups, and then time passed and I missed the return window (and lost the store receipt). I also just saw they do have some issues with the copper finish wearing off - so I'm glad I never used them. Though I am giving them away to a family member.

So that's 21. And so I guess it's time for me to think about tackling those storage boxes and bins I've been avoiding and making some decisions about the umpteen photo albums and printed photos I have. But maybe I'll wait for the weekend on those... I just need to figure out what to get rid of tomorrow and Friday.

To be continued...

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