Tuesday, March 20, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 20 + New Acquisitions

On the 20th day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game I cheated just a little bit. I mean, not technically, but the items are so minute that I should really have counted all as just the one item.

For today...

Day 20

I got rid of 20 outlet childproof covers that were from a set of 24 (of which four were used). It seems the new kittens were not that curious about outlets and while I kept four covered that were near their furniture, I really didn't need to. Cables on the other hand...

So today was super easy. But of course I looked ahead to tomorrow, and I while I have a few things in mind, I definitely don't have 21 set aside just yet.

In this game I have not included expired pantry items or old cosmetics or other pharmacy items and I don't plan on counting any of those. Though I have discarded a few during the month and will likely discard a bunch more the week before I move.

As I am starting to run low on things to purge that aren't of this nature, I may have to figure out how to calculate papers and such - as I have lots of those.

And I will likely have to count the things I will be purging in the week-and-a-half following the challenge - as there will be many.

And...on the opposite side of the purging is acquiring.

New acquisitions...

While I am going to be getting rid of many things for the move, I am also buying a number of things. Some I've already purchased and are on order, and some I will have to purchase... or maybe not have to but need to... for us to feel comfortable in our new space.

And I've also purchased a few other non-necessaries while participating in the game because I've taken a look at some of my things and found them in not quite the same condition I thought they were in. And because I've also been looking to become more green.

In tallying them all up it seems I've purchased 80 things (against the 212 I've purged) which makes me feel like a huge failure, even though every single one of those purchases are/were/will be things I'm going to use regularly, love already, need for purposes of living comfortably.

And many of the things are items crafted locally, handmade here or handmade internationally, are sustainable, or are made so that I can live with less waste.

And as there are only 20 to 30 things that remain that I'll need for our future residence, the bingeing will be far less than the purging in the remaining 10 days of the game.

To be continued...

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