Monday, March 19, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 19

It's now the 19th day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game and things are getting very real. While it's getting harder, it's also getting easier.

Not easier in finding time to go through my things and come up with the quantities required each day. But easier in letting go. Because the more items that go, the more space there is in my cupboards, closets, drawers. And the more things that leave, the freer and lighter I feel.

Of course I do feel somewhat guilty because I'm doing a bit of acquiring. But it's only because there are certain things we will need when we move - and most of the sales are happening now, not in three weeks time. And at least I'm not acquiring nearly as many things as I'm getting rid of... though the things I'm acquiring are much bigger.

But for today...

Day 19

Today I'm getting rid of:

  • 1 and 2: One broken cat toy and an additional butterfly wand. (The felines played a little too hard with it - even though they don't like it - and it now just screams when it's powered on.
  • 3 and 4: A scrapbook that I'd used to house receipts from an activity I participated in. I decided to purge all pages with the receipts and am giving away the scrapbook to a family member. And the decorative storage box I used to house this scrapbook in is no longer needed. Give away.
  • 5-8: A vase that was a keepsake due to a memory that was strongly attached to it. I've held onto it for nearly two decades, but it's time to let it go. Although it was pretty, I never used it because of the memory and I've just been carrying it around from place to place. It lived in my kitchen cupboards and when I'd see it I'd smile or be very sad. I'll miss seeing it in there, but I don't need the physical object to remind me. These three candles were in candle holders that lived next to the vase. I stopped lighting the memorial candles years ago, and am now finally ready to let them go. (Keeping the candle holders as they were a gift.)
  • 9-14: Six coasters that we've used rather well over the past (almost) decade. They're scratched and stained and burnt and we've gotten new ones that don't make such a loud and jarring noise when they get knocked off the coffee table by the felines.
  • 15-19: Five various membership cards/fobs for expired boating memberships. They're not needed, even if they weren't expired, because I have everything electronically and the businesses keep everything on record and can look it up for you.

So that's 19. It was somewhat difficult to get rid of some of these things. Others it just took the energy to make a decision, to go through various cupboards and such. Because I have everything stored so carefully it's a huge time suck to get anything done. But since I'm participating in this game and I'm about to move, I just have to take the time to muster up the energy to do it.

After all, it's better to do it now in little bits, day by day, than in the day or two in advance of moving when I'm going to be stressed enough about moving all the things I actually want to (or need to) take with me.

And of course whenever I'm preparing to move I wish I could live that life where everything fits in a backpack.

To be continued...

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