Saturday, March 17, 2018

30-Day Minimalism Game: Day 17

For the 17th day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game I took a hard look at certain areas of my home and asked myself (and my husband) the questions that demanded honest answers - When did you last use this? When do you think you're going to use it? How much do you love it?

And I also took a look at some of the things I thought I was going to add to my keepsake pile, though most of that I'm saving for a future purge.

For today...

Day 17

Today's purges include: 1 and 2) Small olivewood cutting board and spoon (give away); 3 and 4) Plastic measuring tape (give away), empty "old fashioned" milk bottle (recycle); 5 and 6) Plastic bin and foul weather gear (give away, recycle); 7) Torn pillowcase (recycle); 8-11) Cable clip, furminator, two pieces of swag (recycle, give away); 12-17) 6 destroyed cat toys (beak not counted as an extra) (discard).

We have a large cutting board that my husband never used because he said it wasn't accessible so we purchased this small one to keep on the counters for easy access. He never used it and I continued to dust it. So I'm giving it away to a family member along with the "matching" spoon. As I just received a beautifully handmade in the U.S. spoon, I don't need this - one's enough.

I received this measuring tape for free when I purchased my scale. I never used it so out it goes. I'd planned on hanging on to this milk bottle and finding a way to scrape off the lettering so I could use it as a vase. That didn't happen, so it's off to be recycled.

These foulies are too big and I never wear them - I wear my black pants instead as they're so much lighter to carry. The bin (this is just a representative bin) was an unexpected purge when we went to the eCycling center with many, many cables and wires and they took it and asked if we wanted to get rid of the bin that was holding them. I said yes.

This pillowcase I've had around for decades. It is one of two pillowcases that were the very first linens I purchased from Shabby Chic. But it came apart at the seams, literally, and started to tear down the middle, and so it hasn't been used since 2013. I'm finally saying goodbye.

The cable clip is the one missing from the full set of new clips I sent to family. This had come loose from where it was clipped and is covered in tooth marks. So out it goes. The furminator is the wrong size it seems and made the felines very uncomfortable so I'm giving it away. The two items of bookish swag are going to a family member, as I don't tend to keep swag unless it's a tote, or something I'm going to use.

The cat toys are ones I was planning on putting in a keepsake box for our felines. They played hard with these toys, loved them a bit too much, but destroyed them even under supervision. As it's starting to feel a bit too morbid to think about items to keep for when they're gone, I'm getting rid of them. The picture will provide enough of a memory should I wonder what the cats were like way back when they were kittens.

So that's it. And as this post is really long and I have to find those 18 items tomorrow I'm signing off.

To be continued...

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