Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Would I Buy It Again?

A recent blog by The Minimalists asks a few questions that I've often asked myself over the years when looking at all my stuff. And so I thought I'd once again ask myself and attempt to answer honestly those questions they have asked here.

(In looking at what I owned in the past) The Minimalists ask: What did I own that I didn't enjoy?

In the past there were many things that I'd purchased that I wish I hadn't because they never made me as happy as I thought they would, they weren't part of a lifestyle I could maintain, or they weren't of a quality that would make me miss them when they were gone and certainly wouldn't make me wish to buy them again.

I spent umpteen dollars at Ikea, at Pottery Barn, at Bed, Bath & Beyond, at Gracious Home, at Ethan Allen, at Shabby Chic, etc. trying to create a home that made me feel happy and safe and comfortable. Nothing I purchased from any of those stores made me feel happy for more than the short term. And while some of those things were comfortable, having to pay my credit card bill made them very much less so.

The Minimalists then ask: If I could start over would I buy those items again today? The answer is a definitive no.

Because I never needed more than one set of dishes. I never needed that extra vase, the newer coffee tables, the fancier sofas, the headboard, the rattan chair, the decorative pillows, the computer hutch, the book case, the curio cabinet, the candle holders.

And of all those past purchases I only have one of those things today - and that one only because it has a memory attached to it.

(In looking around at the things I own today) The Minimalists ask: What do I own that I don't enjoy?

Nothing, really. Though I might enjoy different versions of the things I own a bit more. Or I might enjoy some of the things I own more if I were in a different living space.

My sofa is nice and comfortable. But would I have loved one that was a bit more comfortable and a bit bigger and nicer? Yes. But it's not in the budget right now.

My bed frame is one I'd wanted for many years. But there's one I know I'd enjoy a bit more if I were to settle down in a space for some time - one that's far less mobile.

My desk is just a bit too "precious" for daily use for work and I would love to have the Nelson Swag Leg Desk (my dream desk) instead. But I don't regret the purchase and I use it ever weekday (and will continue to do so until I can either afford the nicer desk or have no use for an office desk at home).

I would love a bigger kitchen table if I were in a space that could accommodate one versus the four person table I have right now.

And I would love my entryway bench a lot more if I were in a different space that actually had an entryway to put it in.

But I am content with these things I have and will be for some time. They're not things I actively want to get rid of, I'd just perhaps want to upgrade them in the future if my situation changed.

I don't have any clothing I haven't worn for months except those reserved for specific occasions or seasons. I purged all my trinkets except for a worry stone given to me by my college professor. I don't have a garage, a storage locker or basement - so no hiding places for my unused stuff.

And while I have a few bins filled with keepsakes that I might not want to keep forever, I use just about everything I own just about every day.

Though it is time to go through that junk drawer and get rid of those Command hooks and other small item extras that haven't been needed or used. Sadly I needed to buy those, I just didn't need the quantity that came in the package.

To be continued...