Saturday, February 18, 2017

Staying Downsized

After much back and forth and a few sleepless nights, my guy and I decided to stay downsized in our 794 s.f. apartment. While the idea of more space was alluring, the idea of moving again didn't thrill.

Aside from the cost to move from one place to another, the physical and mental toll it takes is enormous. And although we did consider moving within our current community, we just couldn't find a larger space that met our needs - the two potential units either had no view or no sunlight, and as much as I loved the sun-free apartment, I know our sun worshipping cat wouldn't have.

So we've decided to make things work in our smallish space. Even though it means there's next-to-no privacy, we can't stretch our arms out without potentially hitting something, and we'll have to actually purchase a few more items to make the space work better for another year.

Yes, more things. Which seems completely contradictory.

For such a small space I would have liked to have reduced what we already have. But that's impossible, as we pretty much use every single "large" item we have. It's only the small stuff we store in cupboards or our closet that could potentially be minimized.

But we need more light. The lighting we have is insufficient. And we need a few wall-mountable shelves for easy access to our most-used things.

Without these necessary items our space isn't fully functional. And while it was acceptable for the almost-year we've been here, it isn't for the long haul.

Of course it's hard for me to stop at just a couple of things when compiling a list. There's always this urge to create a much, much longer list.

I could certainly use a new duvet, a new sofa pillow, some art for the walls, a mirror to make the space look larger.

And come to think of it, I could use new office supplies to keep my work things tidy. I could use a drawer-ganizer for my serving spoons. A new round oven by Le Creuset to cook with. A new Kindle. A new iPhone. And on. And on. And on.

I clearly still haven't quite figured out where the line is between what is needed and what is maybe/possibly wanted. I still can't quite figure out how to deal with the disappointment of not getting what I want without resorting to using the rush from buying something I want to compensate. I still can't figure out how to shut my brain down when it has the time to create those lists of things I likely don't need.

And I still can't quite figure out how to balance my desire for nice things with my ability to pay for them.

To be continued...