Friday, February 17, 2017

Binges and Purges: February 17, 2017

I had a visitor in town the past week and so I tidied up a bit - which meant that I did end up tossing a few odds and ends. But I didn't really do much in the way of purging. At least not that I can recall. Though I somehow managed to find the time to acquire a few things over the past week and I have a few things on order.

The Binges

We bought a new shower curtain and liner at Crate and Barrel. The liner needed to be replaced. And we found that having just the one curtain didn't work for those times when we needed to send the existing curtain out to be laundered. So we got a second. (Needed.)

We purchased an inexpensive set of measuring spoons - required for some medication we need to give to our cat. (Needed.)

I purchased a replacement pair of sailing shoes for the ones that were an embarrassingly hideous color. (Needed/wanted.)

I finally used my gift card toward the purchase of yet another Nelson clock which I can't wait to arrive. (Wanted.)

I ordered two new small area rugs for the entry/kitchen - one to replace an existing rug and one as a new addition. While not mandatory, both are useful - to keep detritus from coming in when we open our door and to keep the noise level down for our neighbors downstairs when we walk in with shoes on and head for the coat closet. (Needed/wanted.)

And I ordered two more Nelson Bubble lamps - one for the bedroom, one for the dining area - as our space is just too dark in the evening and the built-in lighting is atrocious. (Needed/wanted.)

As most of this is still on order/in transit I don't have pictures just yet.

The Purges

Not much purging was done this week. Though there was quite a bit of decluttering done - how does paperwork accumulate so fast?

We discarded the old shower curtain liner that we'd replaced.

I discarded the horrifically-colored sailing shoes that I'd replaced.

I reduced our dinner set of eight to a set of six by discarding two dinner plates, two salad plates, two large bowls and two small bowls - though I wasn't quite ready to give up those extra two mugs. Some of the glazing had come off a couple of the plates which is what gave me the idea to reduce versus replace. We never used eight dishes before running the dishwasher so a set of eight just was excessive.

I finally got rid of the drink coaster holder that I'd been hanging onto for years and years. It was completely unnecessary unless we were moving and gathered up all of our drink coasters. But it wasn't needed and just wasted an inch of space in our junk drawer and so I got rid of it. Our coasters live on our coffee table, kitchen table, and desks and there just isn't any need for a holder.

The Count

Binge Count: 9
Purge Count: 11

And while the count seems to be working in favor of purges, the space that will be taken up by the binges as well as the cost of those binges is far more than what was purged.