Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Binges and Purges: December 21, 2016-January 18, 2016

In the ramp up to the holidays there was a bit more bingeing than I might have liked. Between Christmas and New Years I managed to purge quite a few things. And following the holidays it's been a mix of both.

The shopping for others put me in a very consumerist mood that was only taken down a notch or two with every re-watch of The Minimalists documentary. The spending, of course, got me very angry with myself and so the purge that followed was a bit radical. Which (as expected) brought on this need to "fill the void" left by my "missing" things.

As mentioned in my holiday wrap up post I received a couple gift cards which put me in a shopping mood. And the need for some warmer gear for sailing also helped trigger the urge to spend.

I've also had some free time to attempt to try and figure out those keepsakes and stored "important" papers, so that somewhat worked to my advantage though it did cause me to purchase a few things I might not otherwise have done if I just let things alone.

The Binges

I just recently purchased this barometer which is now hanging on my living room wall. I hadn't really needed one, but when I went into West Marine to purchase some much needed gloves my guy thought it would be good to check them out. After much ado as this particular model was discontinued, I couldn't very well not buy it. And it has come in handy. Though it does make me wish for the matching (hard-to-find) tide clock.

I also purchased a few necessary items for sailing - a fleece for those colder days on the water, a pair of full-fingered sailing gloves (I'd only had the 3/4 finger gloves before), the Coast Guard's navigation rule book, and the three ASA texts I had to discard previously due to damage. I had also purchased another pair of shoes to use while racing and/or solo sailing but got the wrong size and had to give them away as I had inadvertently discarded the packaging before trying them on.

During the lead-up-to-Christmas online sales-athon I did end up succumbing to a sale on bath mats at Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic. The two I had that are used in front of the sinks are starting to look rough around the edges and also don't allow for immediate replacements while they're in the wash, so I wanted to add these similar but much cuter versions to my linen collection.

I received the newest Apple TV for Christmas. But it's not a binge (as it was a gift), and, besides, I have the older model in the "out" box - I just have to determine whether I can give it away or eCycle it.

A gift card I received prompted a few purchases - a somewhat needed fitted sheet to replace a damaged one I'd been holding on to, another new bathmat (this one for in front of the tub/shower), and Rachel Ashwell's latest book to read and enjoy.

But where I went overboard spend-wise was in organizational items post-holiday:

I purchased a new empty scrapbook + extra pages to use when my current keepsake scrapbook becomes filled and I bought a letter box storage container to hold said scrapbooks.

I bought a magazine file desktop holder for my guy's notebooks that could be added to the media cabinet near his desk. And I purchased two CD/DVD storage containers for his discs (which formerly lived in two much larger binders in a file tote in the closet which he had no easy access to) so that he could access them easily. And while these three items don't add to my count of 100+ things they do add to my binge count.

I also purchased three Pina Zangaro portfolio books and extra insert pages and extender posts to organize the keepsakes I didn't want to get rid of (even though I had a somewhat acceptable storage solution for those things already).

And I purchased a Kolo photo box to match one I already had that I am repurposing to store cards that I've been saving.


While all of this may not seem like much it feels like A LOT. It feels like something I've done before - find storage solution, become unhappy with it, get new storage solution. Rinse. Repeat. Instead of purging these things I am constantly finding new ways to store them. And each time around they become more and more expensive solutions.

But at this point in life I am not ready to let these things go. Even though most are in digital format - I'd scanned everything I owned through mid-2010 and have added very little to the keepsakes post-2010. So I am trying to make them as pleasing to look at as possible. Even if I end up wrapping them in movers plastic, putting them in a plastic file box, wrapping that in plastic, and storing it cocooned in the back of my closet to look at SOMEDAY.

The Purges

While that list of binges was fairly long, my list of purges, thankfully, is a bit longer. (Oh, and I did end up giving away those three mugs as gifts that I had been tempted to keep as they were so beautiful.)

I gave away a rarely used Le Creuset 3 qt pot in a color I wasn't in love with. I still have my 5 qt pot and a rounder 3 qt one. At some point I would like to swap those with ones in more classic colors, but for now I'm happy enough with them. (Though I am ever tempted to get the ones in the color of the moment - French grey and the darker grey.)

I also gave away my All-Clad 12" fry pan with the brushed aluminum bottom. I found that after purchasing the copper bottom Mauviel pan I didn't need two pans as I thought I might.

I tossed eight towels - four body towels (2 pink, 2 cream) and four hand towels (2 green, 2 cream) I'd been holding on to for some time. They were used and loved in the past but were showing wear and it was time to let them go as I hadn't used them for almost two years.

I gave away a number of my Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic bed pillow cases (six) I had but didn't often use - these latest (shown above) were lovely but the ruffle made them less comfortable to sleep with for my guy, the others were just patterns I'd grown tired of. And I gave away one vintage sofa pillow case as it didn't match my current sofa.

I tossed the fitted sheet with the pattern I loved that had gotten mixed in the wash with a red rag that ruined it and two pillow inserts for pillows I no longer had, .

I gave away an art folio I no longer used to hold keepsakes, recycled five plastic storage containers that were no longer in use, I tossed a damaged Muji binder with page inserts, the two binders and DVD pages that my guy used to use for his DVDs and a broken CD case holder, 10 Muji plastic zip envelopes that used to hold keepsakes/cards, two frames with pictures I no longer displayed, and 2 letter-sized fabric covered storage boxes that used to hold keepsakes I'd found other storage solutions for.

I gave away the incorrectly sized sailing shoes I bought.

I also gave away (nearly) all of the review books I'd been hanging onto - though I'm not counting these toward my purges as they were never intended to be kept in the first place.

And I shredded and tossed a number of old papers, documents, folder and envelopes that were no longer needed, though not nearly enough. (A post about that is forthcoming.)


I am in purge mode this week - I want to find a home for that extra sleeping bag I know I won't use and some other things I need to make a decision on once and for all. I am just hopeful my need to acquire some things won't outpace the need to purge.

The Count

Binge Count: 22
Purge Count: 44 (did not count docu purges)

So while my purges doubled my binges it does not make me feel one iota better. I just hope this isn't the start to a binge-and-purge cycle, but rather a one-off due to the nature of the season.