Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Empty Spaces

I am not striving for the kind of minimal that will allow me to live in a very small space. I like having a king-size bed. I like having my own desk to work on, a kitchen table to eat at, a sofa to lie down on, a comfy chair to sit in.

I have no intention of living so minimally that I don't feel comfortable in my living space. But...

In recently having downsized from a 1200 square foot apartment to an 800 square foot apartment, I have come to realize that living small with less is still living small.

I miss having space between the various rooms in my home. I miss having a separate office for myself and my guy to do our work. I miss being able to easily maneuver around the things in my home without bumping into them.

No matter how many things I get rid of, my current home will never have enough empty space to allow me to feel comfortable.

I thought about hiring a space planner to see if they could help. But when you can walk from one side of your living space to the other in less than a handful of steps there's really not much that they can do.

And so I keep trying to find that next thing to purge that will free up some empty space.

But the harsh reality is, that unless I become one of those minimalists who dispose of all creature comforts or radically alter the layout of my current space, I will never find enough empty space in my 800 square foot home to truly enjoy my minimalism.

As I'm not looking to move just yet, a solution has not yet presented itself.

To be continued...