Monday, December 5, 2016

Binges and Purges - December 4, 2016

Over the past week I finally made some decisions. Not the hardest ones, but it's a start. While I was not able to act on all of those decisions yesterday - as there just wasn't time - I have been able to move on a few of them.

The Binges

None. I did not make any purchases that would count as binges. While I did buy holiday cards and some ribbon and boxes on Sunday it was absolutely necessary if I was to avoid any perceived slights from family (cards) and in order to mail out some of the purges (boxes).

The Purges

I received this bracelet as a gift some years back and I have never worn it. I kept it for sentimental reasons in a keepsake box but every time I see it I feel sad that it's not being worn and loved. So I'm giving it away to someone who might enjoy it.

I also received this pen as quite a few years ago and for the past seven year it's been wrapped up in a keepsake box. I am just not a fancy pen person - and don't have anywhere to use a pen that requires I buy refillable ink - so I'm giving it to someone who will use it and love it as it should be used.

I bought these vintage mercury glass ornaments nine years ago for a lovely little pink feather tree I used to own. I sold the tree six-and-a-half years ago but couldn't bear to part with these ornaments, which have been kept carefully in pink tissue in this lucite box. But as I haven't had a tree for all these years and don't plan on having one in the next few years, I wanted to give them to someone who does put out a tree and might love these ornaments.

I also gave away three books I'd been hanging on to - two that I read and enjoyed (one of which was a book I recently purchased) and one that wasn't to my taste - and am in the process of giving away a number of books I received for review (16). All the review books are packed up in boxes ready to go to their new homes, I just need to post and host all the giveaways so that I can send them along.


I'm in the middle of a linen thinning but haven't quite finished that yet, so I'm not counting anything purged for December 4th. And I have finally decided to just dump the digital graphics for most/all of my blogs as if they're not stored in the online version of the site or dropbox then I clearly haven't used them lately so I don't need them. But I ran out of time and energy so it will have to wait for a day later this week when I have a few hours to tackle the purging.

The Count

Binge Count: 0
Purge Count: 30