Monday, December 12, 2016

Binges and Purges - December 11, 2016

I was a bit ruthless with my purging on Sunday having decided I just needed to let some things go. Finally. Some were just odds and ends, but the remainder were things I'd spent money on that I thought I would use "someday" or things that had sentimental value or things that I "loved" but finally decided they needed a new home.

The Binges

None. I did not buy anything on Sunday, aside from some bubble wrap and a shipping box. I will be doing some shopping this week - but it will be for birthday and holiday gifts and much needed staples.

The Purges

I got rid of three hats used for sailing. Two were caps that I didn't use often as they got blown off my head every time I looked up at the windicator. The other I got for my guests to use in case they needed protection from the sun. But no one liked that floppy brimmed cap, so out it went.

I got rid of another worn T-shirt and a much loved super-soft Hoodie that had sentimental value. I tossed four pairs of socks that had seen better days and four other underthings that needed to go.

I tossed a pair of uncomfortable dress shoes and a pair of too-large Chuck Taylor's.

I gave away a set of four unused cable clips from bluelounge, a sterling silver choker I never wore, four signed books I'd read and loved, one unsigned book I'd had for a while, and three photography books I'd been keeping around for nearly a decade but rarely looked at anymore... as the latter are out of print I might miss those every so often.

I got rid of the unused but newly purchased puzzle game for my cat that she didn't enjoy at all, a spare cat bowl that she didn't use that Amazon mistakenly sent. I ditched various cosmetics (9 items) that weren't used or too old to be used, and two empty felt ring bags that hadn't held rings since the day those rings went on my finger.

I recycled one plastic shoe box that held various tools and furniture accessories that I'd moved to an air-tight container I'd emptied.

I gave away the six lovely bowls I'd received this past week (I'd ordered four but was sent six) as I didn't really need them and knew someone who would love a brand new set of stoneware bowls.

And I gave away that one piece of artwork I'd been wanting to part with for the past few weeks.

I believe there was more, but in my haste I forgot to take pictures of all my purges... though maybe this is for the best as these former possessions will never take up space in my mind again.

The Count

Binge Count: 0
Purge Count: 49