Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Stuff I Can't Do Without

I keep going back and forth on the answer to the question of what stuff I can't do without. Obviously I can't do without shelter, food, water or loved ones, but as far as stuff goes, I can never seem to answer that question definitively.

I'm fairly certain I couldn't do without a toothbrush, hairbrush, and the like. But I'm sure I don't need as nice a hairbrush as I have, and maybe I could get by with a comb.

But then I think that it's not about the bare minimum of what I could live with, but rather it's about the bare minimum of what I could live comfortably or "happily" without.

With that in mind, I can't do without my bed, bedding, desk, desk chair, sofa, sofa table, rugs, TV, computer, hard drives, Apple TV, Fire TV, dining table and chairs...and the list goes on until I remind myself of Steve Martin in "The Jerk."

And then I find myself in a position where I'm no better than I was ten years ago - gripping so tightly onto all the things I can't do without.

And it becomes one giant and endless circle.

Focusing instead on the idea of "my minimal" versus on the question of what I could live with or could live without has helped enormously.

Because it doesn't matter what stuff I could do without. The stuff isn't (and shouldn't be) important enough to matter or take up my thoughts. My stuff is there to be functional, to provide a comfortable environment to exist.

Even my most cherished possessions shouldn't be important enough to cause me angst. Because it's just stuff. It deteriorates. It breaks down. It fades. And it will never, ever, replace the actual experience or person it represents.

It's those actual experiences and my memories of those experiences and my loved ones that matter. Not their representations. And while it would be nice to have a few of them should my memory begin to fail or fade, not every memory or experience needs to remembered with such clarity. Because I can't move forward if I'm stuck in the past. Especially if those past memories or experiences are painful ones.

So, I suppose I could do without just about everything I own if I had to. I'd definitely need some other stuff to get by and be a functioning and hygienic member of society. But I'm okay with wanting a few more of those creature comforts and the knowledge that I can do without them if I had to.

To be continued...

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