Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Lists

I have lists for everything - money I owe to my guy, things I need to do at work, things my boss needs to do at work, things I need to think about, things I need to think about thinking about, and on.

I've made lists of things I've discarded, lists of music I remember liking years ago, lists of mistakes I need to correct, lists of things I need to read, lists of books I need to review. I've even made a list of all the things I own.

I also create lists of things I need to buy, things I wish I could buy, things I think I might want to buy, and so on and so on and so on.

Let me just say this: list-making is NOT a healthy habit.

I know this. And I know I do this beyond what is "normal" because I have this great fear of forgetting something. I also know that it would be more than okay to forget many of the things I think I need to remember.

But yet I haven't been able to stop making those darn lists.

So it has become one of my goals in this process to scale back on the list-making and to begin tossing the lists I have made - in Word, in Pages, in Excel, online.

Because if I really need something I shouldn't require a reminder. If I forget about something that's not important, I should allow myself to forget it. The only lists that matter are the ones involving finances or pending to do's at work.

And maybe I'll keep the list of "reminders" that my goal is to live simply,

To be continued...

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