Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sidebar: The Boat Test

I haven't posted too much on this (yet) but one of my favorite things to do is sail. It's so freeing. It brings me peace. It let's me experience the world in a different way. It opens my eyes up to the beauty around me. It makes me focus on what's important and not on my stuff.

And because I love sailing so much I often dream of living on a boat. This is an unlikely eventuality as my guy and cat aren't down for that. But a girl can dream.

And because I am a bit obsessive about things, my "dreams" extend beyond just a general fantasy of living on a boat. I think about the things I own and what would stay and what would go if that dream were to ever become a reality.

As no lives would be in danger - unlike in The Fire Drill Test - a lot more thought has gone into this. It would require a serious paring down of stuff - mostly the unimportant stuff - but because not everything that is truly important to me could exist on a boat there would have to be some kind of locker or storage facility or safety deposit box on land for safekeeping of my most valuable possessions.

The Things That I'd Bring

  1. All my sailing gear - which includes clothing, safety equipment, tools, etc.
  2. All my clothes - I don't have all that much as it is and if this were my residence I'd need it all
  3. Laptop and portable hard drive
  4. Cell phone, charger, head phones and battery backup
  5. Kindle and charger
  6. Bed linens and pillows (just two sets)
  7. Towels (set for me + set for guy)
  8. Hygiene products - brushes, toothbrushes, etc.
  9. Cat accessories - bed, litterbox, food and water bowls, toys, brush
  10. Kitchen accessories - tea kettle, pans (2), pots (2), silverware (set), spatula, ladle, pasta fork, bottle opener, tongs, utility knife, cutting board, tumblers (4), pot holders (2), dish towels (2), cleaning rags/clothes (6), cereal containers (2), measuring cups (1), strainer
  11. Tools - hammer, measuring tape, flashlight, level, awl, screw drivers, etc.

The Things That I'd Buy

  1. Dishes, mugs and glassware - the kind that don't break*
  2. Food storage containers
  3. A waterproof safe (for key items that have to be kept on hand)
  4. A large iPad with cellular capabilities
  5. Small bedside fan
  6. Toaster oven
  7. Coffee press - the kind that doesn't break*
  8. Small handheld vacuum
  9. A small wall TV - if one didn't already come with the boat
  10. A microwave - if one didn't already come with the boat
  11. Kitchen lighter
  12. Boat insurance

The Things That I'd Purge

  1. All furniture - don't need it if I'm on a boat
  2. All artwork and wall hangings/clocks, hooks, coat racks - again, not seaworthy
  3. TV and TV accessories
  4. Dishes, glasses and mugs, and other kitchen items not listed in the "keep" section*
  5. Air purifier, table fan
  6. Toaster*
  7. Shoe rack
  8. phone charger stands
  9. Bread box
  10. Inbox
  11. Lamps

The Things That I'd Store Off the Boat

  1. Keepsakes (the ones that remain after the purge)- scrapbooks, photo albums, mementos
  2. Important papers - taxes, licenses, etc.
*Of course if I were to get a 64 foot luxury sailing yacht (though even in dreams I don't dream that big) I'd probably have a way to store some more of my kitchen items like glasses, stoneware and plates so I might not purge them all.

There are not a lot of things that are needed to live comfortably on a boat. All the furniture is built in. The "art" is the view out the window when on the water.

I spend most of my time when indoors reading, watching TV, listening to music, using the computer, talking with my guy, playing with my cat. If I were to live on a boat I imagine I'd do the same but do much more of it while sitting outside. And I'd spend much more time out on the water enjoying the fact that my home was so portable.

By taking the boat test from time to time it makes me realize how little I actually care for my furniture, though much of the time I think it is so very important. But I'd sell or donate it all in a heartbeat if my guy ever said, "Let's buy a boat and live on it."

I'd get a safety deposit box for my most important papers. And I'd get a marine locker for my bin or two of most cherished keepsakes that are only valuable to me.

It's really not so different from the tiny home experience except for the need for extreme waterproofing of items not meant to be wet, and careful stashing of things so as not to be brained by them when underway.

So, I suppose if tiny home living was my thing, I'd do a Tiny Home Test versus a Boat Test to see what stayed and see what went.

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