Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving Minimal

I've heard and read about The Minimalist's Packing Party story and I think it's an absolutely brilliant idea. Everyone I've ever spoken to has talked about how much clutter they get rid of when they move, but most people don't move very often.

So taking the time to pack up everything one owns (even if it is just one room at a time) and only removing what is needed is a great way to determine what is valuable and what isn't.

As someone who happens to move quite often, I am pretty aware of everything I have need of and everything I don't. And while I wouldn't mind a Packing Party just to test that awareness, I don't have the space to have one or a guy who'd be as amenable.

I wish I could be like that man with the backpack and his handful or two of things. But that's not my reality or my minimal and likely will never be. Besides, I don't know how "safe" I'd feel with everything that's important to me in a backpack which could so easily get lost or stolen. And I don't know how I'd react if that happened and I was left with nothing but what was on my body and in my pockets.

But as someone who has moved eight times in the last 11 years and has never once used a mover to do so, I am very appreciative of the ability to move minimal. And I was all sorts of ecstatic that my last two moves required only a car or van, though it took several trips to complete the move.

Not having a ton of stuff means not having to look through and decide on and pack a ton of stuff. It means not having a ton of stuff to worry about in transit. It means not having to find a place for said stuff in the new space.

For our last move we bought a dolly which was far cheaper than renting one for a few days. We purchased four large plastic tubs instead of buying bundles of boxes that would just go into the landfill. And while I may have used more movers wrap than should ever be allowed, it was so much easier to organize and clean everything, dump it straight into the tubs, seal it up with movers wrap, stack it on the dolly and roll it to our vehicle than putting together and taping up boxes of all different sizes and trying to balance them on a dolly or hand truck.

Of course we purchased new things when we moved into our new space to take the place of items donated or sold, so I imagine our next move might be a bit more complicated as there's no intent to purge and replace. But if I am finally able to pare down all those things I just haven't been able to let go of, that I've been clinging to for far too long, I am hopeful it will balance things out. I guess I'll find out with the next move.

But it would be nice if I could fit everything I own (exclusive of furniture) into the four tubs and transport it all in one trip, rather than having to make multiple journeys to and fro. That, to me, is my ideal for moving minimal.

To be continued...

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