Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

I'm not sure if I ever participated in the madness that is Black Friday. I can't actually recall when the term came to be. But I know I never woke up early (or got on a line the night before) to make sure I got to a store when it opened.

It's likely that I probably did stop by the Apple Store after catching a movie. But I don't believe I ever actually spent any money at a brick and mortar store on this day. Though it's possible I did some online shopping - though it was more likely on Cyber Monday that I spent some cash.

However, this does not make me give myself a pat on the back for being immune to the "consumerism" that surrounds Black Friday. I'm just not a fan of crowds and waiting on lines. I also don't typically shop at the stores that have the mad crush of people trampling one another for the "last" item.

I'm also of the belief that the sales aren't so terrific and am suspect about these deep discounts that are touted, which is why I'm not lured out of my comfortable home to the stampede.

The fact that these "Black Friday sales" are extended before and after the actual date gives less urgency to this pull toward consumerism. (Since when did a day become a month? An event?) And the fact that you can get spectacular deals on most everything almost every day of the week (and weekend) at all hours online also keeps that urge to Black Friday binge away.

So I am not at all immune to the lure of a sale - the Herman Miller semi-annual sale is going on right now and it's so very tempting - I'm just not drawn in by Black Friday deals.

And, had a boat been available on Friday and I didn't have to visit the vet's I would have definitely chosen, like last year, to OPT OUTSIDE with REI. Because connecting with nature, embracing the calm, and spending my money on an experience versus something that will end up in a landfill or in someone else's home in a few weeks, months, years is so much more rewarding.