Monday, November 7, 2016

Binges and Purges - November 6, 2016

I did, in fact, take the day off on Friday. And I also took the day off on Saturday - though we did hit the stores as my guy needed a few things.

It was nice to have something else to focus on beside my need to simply. Though on Sunday it was back to "work."

Sunday's Binges

I did end up purchasing (on Amazon) one small puzzle toy for my cat that I saw on someone's instagram. I probably shouldn't have been so susceptible to this alternate form of advertising but I thought it would be something my cat would enjoy. She's been tough to please with all but one of the toys she's had, so I'm hopeful this will help to keep her body and mind active.

Sunday's Purges

My guy and I have had this CD collection for quite some time. I think we got our first CD back in the '90s and have been building it up since then. But as technology changed we opted to buy digital versions of the songs in our collections and so our CD collection has remained virtually unchanged for the past seven or eight years.

And we've been carting this heavy container of CDs (which used to live on a much larger shelving unit before we digitized them all) around with us for each of our moves. Well, I/we are finally ready to let them go.

While the bin is still, technically, in my possession, I have listed it for sale and if that doesn't work I'll give them away to friends and family.

I've let it go mentally so I consider it purged. And while there are over 300 discs in the bin, I'm just calling this one purge.

I also ditched a number of "homemade" CDs that I'd burned awhile back, but I won't count those toward my purge even though I am so glad to finally be done with that task.

My guy cleared up some tech clutter as well, which makes me all sorts of happy, though he's not on the same journey as I am and will continue to amass random technology clutter.

The Count

Binge Count: 1
Purge Count: 1

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