Thursday, November 3, 2016

Binges and Purges - November 3, 2016

I almost didn't have a binges and purges post for today as I was quite busy with work and other pressing matters and didn't have time to think about bingeing or purging.

And then I spent a part of my evening listening to a phenomenal podcast featuring one of The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn, which helped keep me focused on the positive changes I was making in my life.

Today's Binges

NONE. Even though I did receive an email from Shabby Chic with some beautiful images of holiday decorations which caught my eye. (No, I don't plan on having a tree and had sold my pink feather tree some years back so have zero need for ornaments and such.)

Today's Purges

I had this carpet tile area rug on the side of my bed for some months and I never liked it. The color was just wrong for the space (something I didn't know until after I'd purchased it and assembled it). And so I bought some new tiles - that I knew I would love - over a month ago to replace it and also create a similar rug on my guy's side of the bed.

But I wasn't quite ready to let this carpet go. Because it was in good shape. It had a nice pattern. And even though I didn't like it I was clinging to it in the hopes that maybe it would grow on me. It didn't.

So finally, tonight, I lifted it out, assembled the two new area rugs, and moved my guy's small round rug to a new location, and disposed of this rug and another small runner I had replaced but hadn't quite gotten the motivation to toss until now. (As it was already dismantled for some time I didn't take a snap.)

As tomorrow is Friday I might take the day off from purging. However, if I end up bingeing I will be sure to create a post.

The Count

Binge Count: 0
Purge Count: 2

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