Monday, November 28, 2016

Binges and Purges - November 27, 2016

In addition to having a small meltdown on Sunday I also did a little more shopping than I intended to.  Though, perhaps it's because of the small meltdown that I ended up spending... must think further on that.

The Binges

I needed mailing boxes to send out books. I needed the tissue paper to use as stuffing for those boxes. I needed plastic wrap to protect some of my stored items but which I completely forgot to buy. But I didn't really need the notebook and pen I got, the archival sleeves I bought to protect some small artwork, the plastic envelope to wrangle and hold our grocery store coupons.

And I didn't absolutely need the new pair of non-slip sailing shoes I bought simply because the ones I had were a hideous color. Though when they do arrive they will get much use and I will dispose of the ugly ones.

And while I planned to order a somewhat needed mug to replace the chipped mug I disposed of and use the money sitting in my PayPal to do so, I did not need the four lovely bowls I purchased in addition to said mug. I'm certain the bowls will be used regularly and enjoyed but we already have plenty of functional bowls at our disposal and these were definitely not needed.

The Purges

NONE. Well, none that I'm willing to count as purges. I got rid of several small trinkets/keepsakes but nothing worthy of documenting. I hope to do better this week.

The Count

Binge Count: 10
Purge Count: 0