Friday, November 25, 2016

Binges and Purges - November 25, 2016

Today is Black Friday and I managed not to spend a single cent buying things I didn't need. While I did buy something for breakfast and bought some food for the cat, I managed to avoid all online and brick and mortar stores and their temptations.

I'm going to have to hit up The Container Store tomorrow in order to buy a couple shipping boxes as I need to offload a number of the books I've amassed for review. But, that too will be a need vs. a want purchase and one that is quite utilitarian and will be in my home for a very, very short time.

The Binges

None. And I'm so thrilled about this given the number of sales coupons I received via email today. While I knew I wouldn't be going to any physical stores, I'd forgotten how hard I would get marketed to by the few online stores whose emails I still subscribe to.

The Purges

I had hoped for more, but indecision prevented this from happening. (More on that later...)

I got rid of two t-shirts I wasn't thrilled about and that rarely were worn.

We organized some of my guy's things and I was able to get rid of a medium-sized plastic bin that previously contained cables and wires.

I parted with a never used extension cord I'd thought I might need some day.

I got rid of two REI tumblers that also didn't get any use after I'd become hooked on the Yeti versions with much more secure lids.

I tossed a chipped but much loved mug that we'd gotten on a road trip a number of years back.

And I had hoped to get rid of a number of keepsake items - including a small wallet of backup DVDs. But aside from a few papers (which I took pictures of) and little odds and ends I did not get far along. Therefore I'm not counting any of this toward my purge count.

The Count

Binge Count: 0
Purge Count: 7