Sunday, November 20, 2016

Binges and Purges - November 20, 2016

I got a little sidetracked today from my purging as I was happily destroying the remaining platters from the hard drives I'd dismantled a few weeks back. I had to buy a pair of snips from Home Depot, but it was so worth it to see them cut into tiny pieces.

Once I'm done with the destruction project - my guy may have another hard drive to get rid of - I will give away the snips to someone who can use them. But they are sure coming in handy.

Today's Binges

NONE. While the snips could be considered a binge, I'm opting not to call them one. They were a necessity if I wanted to destroy my hard drives (which I did) and so I'm putting them in the same category as the cleaning cloths, gorilla glue and scrub brush I needed.

Today's Purges

I have been carting around this vase for years. It is a mid-century design (which I love) but it's very small and I rarely buy flowers - certainly none that would fit in this vase - and so it's been sitting on the many cabinet shelves in the kitchens of the apartments in which I resided for the past twelve years.

I can't recall if I bought it or if it was a gift that I'd mentioned to my father that I wanted. I'm thinking I bought it as it was the most expensive version of this vase that I could afford at the time. And it was back when I was trying to acquire anything and everything mid-century without thinking about how it could be of use or of value.

And I still think it's an absolutely beautiful design and when I had open cabinetry it looked amazing on the shelf. But it serves no purpose, except maybe once or twice every three or four years, and I spend more time hand washing and drying it and packing it carefully each time I move.

So I'm attempting to sell it and if I get no takers I'll find someone to give it to that would love it. But I've made the emotional disconnect with it and I now consider it purged.

A few months back we acquired these glasses when having a couple of beers at Whole Foods. There was some kind of charity involved with the beer we were drinking that evening and so we received the beer glasses, a couple coasters, and a couple bottle openers with our donation.

I thought they were a great idea at the time and instead of leaving them behind I took them home. But we rarely drink beer at home and when we do it's typically out of the bottle. So after checking with my guy we are saying goodbye to these never used glasses.


I also purged quite a few digital clutter items, but as they aren't tangible I'm not listing them here.

And there are a few other items I plan on purging but haven't quite figured out how to get rid of yet. As I have too many to do's today and not enough time to do them all, I'm going to save that decision for the long holiday weekend ahead.

Oh, and on Friday and Saturday I was able to sell and offload all those CDs from an earlier purge. It's nice having that little bit of extra space from that bin in my closet, but more importantly it's nice not having to think about them anymore.

The Count

Binge Count: 0
Purge Count: 2

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