Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Binges and Purges - November 1, 2016

In an attempt to keep on track (and to stay honest with myself) I am going to post pics and summaries of items I've purchased and items I've gotten rid of - though I'm going to refrain from posting pics of items that might be too personal, Kindle eBooks, or items bought for consumption, e.g. groceries, hygiene products, etc.

I'm somewhat afraid that in a month's time I'll look back at these posts and either be horrified at the amount of things I've bought or heartbroken at the number of things I've tossed. We shall see.

Today's Binges

NONE. Though I've been searching through Amazon for a CD case for my guy's video games and an archival storage box for some of my mother's artwork.

Today's Purges

Poor Flippi. We purchased him just eight months ago for our bedroom to provide air circulation and white noise.

I love Vornado's products and have always used their fans. But recently I'd become enamored with Dyson's bladeless tabletop fan and so I purchased that nicer, more hygienic and easier-to-clean fan to replace Flippi.

And yet I couldn't immediately throw him out. (He's been sitting here unused since August 19th.) Because I might need him (I didn't) or I might not like the new fan (I love the new fan) or I might find another use for Flippi (I could use a desk fan, but he's just a little too big).

There's nothing wrong with Flippi and had I the time and energy to post on Craigslist for a free fan I would. But that opens the door for the possibility that I might change my mind, or he might sit here for another few weeks, or months. So I've opted to leave him in the trash room in hopes someone will take him in.

The Count

Binge Count: 0
Purge Count: 1

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